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  3. Wagner, Margaret E. 1946–

Conley, in a review for Library Journal, stated: In The American Civil War , Wagner offers readers an inside look at the extensive historical collections of the Library of Congress, including a wealth of maps, etchings, daguerreotypes, paintings, and political cartoons, both from the Civil War era and representing that time.

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The book contains approximately five hundred images garnered from the archives, each of which is accompanied by a short description and information that helps put the image into context, whether it describes the action that is depicted or provides background information regarding a pertinent situation. Related newspaper articles, diary entries, and other original source materials accompany some images. Gilbert Taylor, in a review for Booklist, declared that "this chromatic work is a marvelous addition to any general-interest Civil War collection.

It is also organized in an easily accessible manual that is divided up thematically. The book covers the different nations involved in the war, their leaders and military figures, weapons, attitudes and doctrine regarding wartime behavior, the economics of running the war, espionage, and the relationship of the media to the war.

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  • Wagner, Margaret E. 1946–;
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The Holocaust is discussed in its own chapter. Many of the articles included are based on research and materials accessed through the Library of Congress's extensive archives, making for a unique perspective on the events and the era. Taylor, in another Booklist review, dubbed the book a "well-conceived and informative overview.

Library Journal, October 1, , Kathleen M. Abrams Web site, http: Library of Congress Web site, http: Cite this article Pick a style below, and copy the text for your bibliography. Get your free lesson today!

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[Book Review] The Library of Congress World War II Companion

Explore the entire Star Trek book collection, apps and more. Get relationship help, parenting advice, healthy recipes, and tips for living a happy life from our author experts. Get access to the best in romance: See More New Releases. Going far beyond accounts of the major battles, The Library of Congress World War II Companion examines, in a unique and engaging manner, this devastating conflict, its causes, conduct, and aftermath.

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  4. The Library of Congress World War II Companion.
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  6. It considers the politics that shaped the involvement of the major combatants; military leadership and the characteristics of major Allied and Axis armed services; the weaponry that resulted in the war's unprecedented destruction, as well as debates over the use of these weapons; the roles of resistance groups and underground fighters; war crimes; daily life during wartime; the uses of propaganda; and much more. Drawn from the unparalleled collections of the institution that has been called "America's Memory," The Library of Congress World War II Companion includes excerpts from contemporary letters, journals, pamphlets, and other documents, as well as first-person accounts recorded by the Library of Congress Veterans History Project.

    The text is complemented by more than illustrations.

    Wagner, Margaret E. 1946–

    Organized into topical chapters such as "The Media War," "War Crimes and the Holocaust," and two chapters on "Military Operations" that cover the important battles , the book also include readers to navigate through the rich store of information in these pages. Filled with facts and figures, information about unusual aspects of the war, and moving personal accounts, this remarkable volume will be indispensable to anyone who wishes to understand the World War II era and its continuing reverberations. Your Cart items Cart total.

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