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  1. August 2018
  2. God's Strength to Bring Revival - Resources
  3. God’s Strength to Bring Revival
  4. God, Send Us a Revival

God wants to radically reform the way we do church and live out Christianity in the 21st century. Start with this simple prayer: I want to experience Your presence and power like never before. Show me areas in my church, life and family that need to be transformed so that I can experience everything Jesus said was available and possible. In addition to serving as the director of curriculum resources for Destiny Image Publishers, Larry is president and founder of Equip Culture Ministries — an organization that equips believers to experience a life of sustained victory through the supernatural power of the Holy Spirit.

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August 2018

Every day we encourage you to be better, do better and become a better Christian. A new year affords us the opportunity to reflect on the past year and see the progress we made. Not only that but to make the adjustments so our lives can reflect who God wants us to be. To accomplish this, for most of us we must press past our own prejudices, biases, standards and ideals and embrace what God declared in His Word. You know that things did not get better without you putting forth any effort.

God's Strength to Bring Revival - Resources

They improved because you chose to make a change by constantly reflecting on the things of God and making them a priority. Those same principles hold true for , however, I believe there will be a supernatural increase and the things you have labored for will bear the fruit that you have hoped for. Being , in the Scriptures the number eight means new beginnings. The number 8 represents revival, regeneration, rebirth, renewal and recovery, you have been revived and regenerated and a renewed focus and determination has taken root in your heart.

It is causing a holy indignation or resentment against the things that have kept you living below what you know God has called you to. In the Book of First Samuel chapter 30 , you have king David and his men out in battle returning to his camp to find that their families and their possessions were taken, and their city was burned with fire. You must learn to strengthen yourself in the Lord because you have a greater directive.

You are building for the Lord of the universe. As David strengthened himself, he asked the Lord if he should pursue the enemy and God said go. There is timing with God and just because something is right, it does not mean you are to immediately act on it. Always see what God is saying and move as He directs you to move. Shall I overtake them? So David recovered all that the Amalekites had carried away, and David rescued his two wives. When the enemy thought we were out for the count, God brought us into His spiritual operating room and gave us a transfusion of His Blood.

It brought us back to life as we began to see the possibilities and know that our lives were not over as the number 8 signifies. In , you will recover all! The first thing we are taking back from the enemy is the praise he stole from us; The prayer life we know we were supposed to have; the increase in the knowledge of God that we have longed for and the love we were supposed to have for one another.

Once these priorities are in place the resources, health and strength become a benefit or perk of the increased character that God develops in us. Material things do not have the power over us as they once did and at that point, God knows He can trust you with it more. Allowing God to cultivate His priorities in our hearts opens the door for peace and contentment in all things.

What shall I give you? God has never had an ego problem where He must perform a miracle or bless someone to show how powerful He is. He does these things, so we can enjoy the benefits of our relationship with Him no matter how much or how little we may have. Yet, the fact is that God is just and will ensure that things that happened to His people that were not right or righteous will be reversed and this is the season that we have entered.

God’s Strength to Bring Revival

He is saying, stay focused on Him and not let what He can do serve as a distraction that will replace temporary blessings for an eternal relationship. This fact is brought out in a scripture that is not understood because it is often taken out of context. When you read it in context, you will see that there is a remnant of people that thought they had a relationship with God but neglected to fully embrace what God determined for them. A reed shaken by the wind? A man clothed in soft garments? Yes, I say to you, and more than a prophet.

In context, Jesus was referring to John baptizing people who found him in the wilderness.

God, Send Us a Revival

They were coming so they could have a greater assurance of eternal life and as such, had not considered what God required of them. Who warned you to flee and escape from the wrath and indignation [of God against disobedience] that is coming? The responsibility to grow in the things of God rested on the shoulders of each individual person that came. However, the main group that John spoke of were the religious people of the day referred to in verse 7 as the Pharisees and Sadducees. John was not just granting access to God without an expectation of something in return.

Going back to Matthew In the Greek interpretation of the word violent, there are two main thoughts. Beginning in verse 14 of 2 Chronicles 6, and continuing through verse 42, we have the longest recorded prayer in the Bible. Solomon, as a young King was deeply concerned for the spiritual climate of his beloved nation, the nation of Israel or Judah. Although Solomon had just completed the building of the Temple of God, and although the nation was enjoying it greatest and strongest period of economic and military strength in its history as a nation, Solomon knew his people needed a spiritual awakening, and revival.

What did Solomon see in his day that we also need to see? The Circumstances for Revival, 2 Chronicles 7: Our nation is in danger of drought. I also heard that this is the hottest summer on record, ever. Parts of the great Northeast and even Southern California are experiencing record breaking temperatures, some of them exceeding the degree mark. Our churches are in the danger of drought.

We are experiencing a spiritual dry season. The report showed no increases in membership, in baptisms zero, by letter zero, by statement zero, new SS members zero. Someone once said that the church has become a sacred society for the snubbing of sinners. Not only are we in danger of drought but we are also in danger of devastation. Again, in Bible times, devastation meant the destruction of life-sustaining crops and harvests. If devastating insects, blight, or invading enemies struck the food supply of Israel, it would be a national disaster.

Our farm lands are drying up. Fruits and vegetables are in short supply. Our natural resources are diminishing. We live in the shadow of terrorism. The threat of nuclear holocaust did not die with Castro.

I heard someone say recently that the Islamic nation of Iran is producing nuclear missiles capable of reaching the U. We also stand of the brink of economic bankruptcy. So I think we could easily say America is in danger of devastation.