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Glen Tao PharmD was promoted to pharmacy services chief, strategic national stockpile coordinator for the bioterrorism preparedness program, in the Los Angeles Department of Health Services. She lives in Chevy Chase, Md. He is director of leadership giving for United Way of Southern Nevada. He is currently attending graduate school at George Washington University. David Bach recently published The Automatic Millionaire , a book detailing a one-step plan for financial success.

She lives in Los Angeles. She lives in Kingsburg, Calif. Will Ferrell recently finished co-writing and starring in a new comedy, Anchorman. He lives with his wife, Viveca, in Los Angeles. He is a financial analyst for Citigroup in San Antonio, Texas. She lives in Wisconsin with her husband, Glen, and her daughter, Madeline. He lives in East Norwalk, Conn. Todd Zink of the U. Marine Corps recently returned home from Baghdad. He recently appeared on two daytime dramas, several independent short films and in various Los Angeles theater productions.

Russell Klosk is associate partner at IBM Business Consulting Services in the people and strategy division, helping the federal government with workforce planning.

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He lives in Fairfax, Va. Her work is featured in the poetry anthology Poetry is Not a Luxury: Poetry by Los Angeles Women of Color. John-Paul Morgante was named director of human resources for Talla-Com Industries, a company specializing in the designing, engineering and manufacturing of communications systems, primarily for the military market. He lives in Tallahasse, Fla. Emmy Perez of El Paso, Texas, recently published her first collection of poetry in an anthology titled Solstice.

He lives in Tarzana, Calif. Allen was recently elected to the alumni association board of directors of the U. He is currently the development officer for the Cheyenne Wyo. He is currently the associate dean of the school as well as an associate professor. George Giokaris was named superintendent of the Fullerton Calif. The book is a sequel to Anyway: He lives in Honolulu, Hawaii.

The shows often were sponsored by Frigidaire early s , General Motors —61 , Chrysler —73 , and Texaco — Hope's and Christmas specials for NBC—filmed in Vietnam in front of military audiences at the height of the war—are on the list of the Top 46 U. Both were seen by more than 60 percent of the U. The comic, originally featuring publicity stills of Hope on the cover, was entirely made up of fictional stories, eventually including fictitious relatives, a high school taught by movie monsters, and a superhero called Super-Hip.

It was published intermittently, and continued publication through issue in Illustrators included Bob Oksner and for the last four issues Neal Adams. He had a deep respect for the men and women who served in the military, and this was reflected in his willingness to go anywhere to entertain them.

Anti-war sentiment was high, and his pro-troop stance made him a target of criticism from some quarters. Some shows were drowned out by boos, others were listened to in silence. The tours were funded by the U. Department of Defense, Hope's television sponsors, and by NBC , the network that broadcast the television specials created after each tour from footage shot on location.

However, the footage and shows were owned by Hope's own production company, which made them very lucrative ventures for him, as outlined by writer Richard Zoglin in his biography " Hope: Entertainer of the Century. Hope sometimes recruited his own family members for USO travel. His wife, Dolores, sang from atop an armored vehicle during the Desert Storm tour, and granddaughter Miranda appeared alongside him on an aircraft carrier in the Indian Ocean.

This man drives himself and is driven. It is impossible to see how he can do so much, can cover so much ground, can work so hard, and can be so effective. He works month after month at a pace that would kill most people. Additionally, Hope rescued the Eltham Little Theatre in England from closure by providing funds to buy the property. He continued his interest and support, and regularly visited the facility when in London. In , the theater was renamed in his honor. In , Hope made a guest appearance as himself on the animated Fox series The Simpsons , in the episode titled " Lisa the Beauty Queen " season 4, episode 4.

However, the special received poor reviews. Hope was widely praised for his comedy timing and his specialization in the use of one-liners and rapid-fire delivery of jokes.


He was known for his style of self-deprecating jokes, first building himself up then tearing himself down. He performed hundreds of times per year. Hope had no faith in his skills as a dramatic actor, and his performances of that type were not as well received. Although Hope made an effort to keep his material up to date, he never adapted his comic persona or his routines to any great degree. As Hollywood began to transition to the " New Hollywood " era in the s, he reacted negatively, such as when he hosted the 40th Academy Awards in and voiced his contempt by mocking the show's delay because of the assassination of Martin Luther King Jr.

Former First Lady Nancy Reagan , a close friend and frequent host to him at the White House, called Hope "America's most honored citizen and our favorite clown. Hope was well known as an avid golfer, playing in as many as charity tournaments a year. His love for the game—and the humor he could find in it—made him a sought-after foursome member.

He once remarked that President Dwight D. A golf club became an integral prop for Hope during the standup segments of his television specials and USO shows. Bush , and Bill Clinton , the only time three U. Hope had a heavy interest in sports beyond golf and his brief fling as a professional boxer in his youth. In , he bought a small stake in the Cleveland Indians professional baseball team [82] and held it for most of the rest of his life. The players would come onstage one-by-one and introduce themselves, then Hope, often dressed in a football uniform, would give a one-liner about the player or his school.

Hope's short-lived first marriage was to vaudeville partner Grace Louise Troxell , a secretary from Chicago, Illinois, who was the daughter of Edward and Mary McGinnes Troxell. She was described as a "former Zeigfeld beauty and one of society's favorite nightclub entertainers, having appeared at many private social functions at New York, Palm Beach, and Southampton. Their long marriage was fraught with ambiguities.

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As Richard Zoglin wrote in his biography Hope: Entertainer of the Century , "Bob and Dolores always claimed that they married in February in Erie, Pennsylvania. But at that time he was secretly married to his vaudeville partner Louise Troxell, after three years together on and off. I found divorce papers for Bob and Louise dated November , so either Bob Hope was a bigamist or he lied about marrying Dolores in February that year.

He had actually married Louise in January in Erie when they were traveling on the vaudeville circuit. More intriguing, there is no record anywhere of his marriage to Dolores, if it happened. And there are no wedding photos, either. But he never forgot Louise and quietly sent her money in her later years. The couple adopted four children: Linda in , Tony , Kelly , and Eleanora, known as Nora Tony as Anthony J.

Hope served as a presidential appointee in the George H.

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In , the couple lived in Manhattan. Hope had a reputation as a womanizer and continued to see other women throughout his marriage. Entertainer of the Century , "Bob Hope had affairs with chorus girls, beauty queens, singers and showbiz wannabes up into his 70s. He had a different girl on his arm every night.

Download PDF by Anthony James: Acting My Face (Hollywood Legends Series)

He was still having affairs into his 80s As just one example among many, in while Hope was in Dallas on a publicity tour for his radio show, he met Barbara Payton , a contract player at Universal Studios , who at the time was on her own public relations jaunt. Shortly thereafter, Hope set up Payton in an apartment in Hollywood.

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Payton later revealed the affair in an article printed in July in the tell-all magazine Confidential. Hope, who suffered from vision problems for much of his adult life, served as an active honorary chairman on the board of Fight for Sight , a nonprofit organization in the United States which funds medical research in vision and ophthalmology.

Hope continued an active entertainment career past his 75th birthday, concentrating on his television specials and USO tours. Although he had given up starring in feature films after Cancel My Reservation , he made several cameos in various films and co-starred with Don Ameche in the TV movie A Masterpiece of Murder. Upon accepting the appointment, Hope quipped, "I'm speechless. In July , he attended the funeral of Jimmy Stewart , where many pointed out his frail appearance.

Contemporaries Fay Wray and Gloria Stuart were also present. The Library of Congress has presented two major exhibitions about Hope's life: Hope celebrated his th birthday on May 29, Even at , Hope maintained his self-deprecating sense of humor, quipping, "I'm so old, they've canceled my blood type.

In , five years before his death, a prepared obituary written by the Associated Press inadvertently was released, resulting in Hope's death being announced on the floor of the U. On the morning of July 27, , Hope died of pneumonia at the age of at his home in Toluca Lake, California. That house was put on the market in late Hope was awarded more than 2, honors and awards, including 54 honorary university doctorates.

In , President John F. Kennedy awarded him the Congressional Gold Medal for service to his country.


Military Sealift Command was named for the performer in It is one of very few U. In , Hope was invited to dot the "i" in the Ohio State University Marching Band's "Script Ohio" formation, an honor only given to non-band members on 14 occasions from through In Hope's hometown of Cleveland , the refurbished Lorain-Carnegie Bridge was renamed the Hope Memorial Bridge in , though differing claims have been made as to whether the bridge honors Hope himself, his entire family, or his stonemason father who helped in the bridge's construction. The award was created to honor the football coach's legacy, and is awarded annually to an individual who exemplifies his spirit.

On May 28, , President George W. She also claimed that he kidnapped their daughter, Hannah Gosselin , when he took her out of school early one day. Police reportedly told her to take all of her concerns to civil court, but no legal action was ever pursued. It definitely was necessary.

This is the best thing I can do for him right now, so that comforts me. Rumors started that Collin told staffers at his facility that Kate was allegedly abusing him at home. Kate denied the allegations on a November interview with GMA: Mady and Cara refused to talk when Savannah Guthrie asked them questions about their home life, visibly frustrating Kate. Why do they say that about us?