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When to Haggle

  1. The Fine Art of Haggling, Italy
  2. The Golden Rules Of Haggling
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I am terrible at haggling. The hotel discounts sounds like something I can do though. I always struggle with haggling. But I never became a very good haggler compared to Indian standards I mean. Retireby You are like Beaker, my husband. He usually leaves it up to me. Some experienced hagglers use their facial expressions as a part of a haggling process. On the phone it is so much easier, right? I love the idea of haggling in America. It requires subtly and diplomacy. He was shocked when the price of the new washer and dryer we were looking at magically fell. Every little bit adds up and sometimes sale people are empowered enough to be able to make these decisions.

I find haggling always works best when you say you are paying cash. You have so great rules. Will try and use some myself. Cool way to look at it as a whole experience! I negotiate much better than my husband, and I embrace it.

The Fine Art of Haggling, Italy

It works every time. It never hurts to ask. Thank you for a well written article. The points are in line with an international business seminar I attended that had a session on bargaining in the international marketplace. It was fascinating to learn that the worst country in the world in terms of bargaining was the United States with Germany a close second.

The best was Japan. What separated the worst from the best? Much of it came down to culture. Americans like to get things done, and that drive can lend itself to impatience in negotiations. Americans are also embarrassed to haggle — it makes them uncomfortable.

The Golden Rules Of Haggling

That very much goes against the grain of can-do American culture. Japan excels because they are paragons of patience and simply cannot be rushed. This alone makes them formidable hagglers. I have haggled many a great situation. Nice post, I am learning about haggling here in Cairo. Sandy — looks like you know haggling pretty well!

Your boyfriend should be proud of you! Buck — Haggling is an experience. Not everyone likes it but pretty much everyone needs it… or uses it. Everyday Tips — not to be somewhat gender discriminating but I think that in general women embrace and exercise the art of haggling much better than men. Interesting that Japan is the best country for haggling. Now that I know their haggling methods, I want to practice.

Forest — no, this article will do no good for you in Egypt. Haggling in the Middle East requires a very different set of skills. That would be a completely different post. Amanda — I totally agree. I got some good deals on furniture with slight scratches and clothes with a missing button. I love this article.

And thanks for the tips. I personally like yard sales as a way to keep haggling skills sharp. I can attest to your comment above about haggling in China. I was yelled at in China too. They yelled back that we still can talk. Threatening to walk away might not work there though.

Kay Lynn — I always had a good experience haggling in Mexico. But there was a situation once where I could not get a price I wanted. Oh well… sometimes you just have to walk away. Are they both right? I think it saves my finances. The Golden Rules of Haggling. In general, Americans are not good at haggling. We expect to pay the asking price for most goods […]. Your email address will not be published. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed.

Subscribe to Beating Broke Sign up here to receive a weekly on Tuesdays email with the most recent posts from Beating Broke along with some occasional special emails about Quarterly from Beating Broke. Enter your email address Comments I think you are spot on with the rules of haggling.

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You should write a haggling ebook! LOL Buck — Haggling is an experience.

Even in the early s, men often assume only a peripheral role in sales events, with women serving as sales managers and price-setters. Female shoppers out-attend male buyers, as well. With the rise of profit-oriented and online garage sales, however, sales participation has become slightly less stratified by gender. Although participants may have financial motivations for hosting or attending garage sales, most also consider them recreational events.


Yard sales invite buyers to socialize with hosts and other participants, providing opportunities to rekindle old acquaintances and meet new neighbors. Some buyers come purely for recreational purposes, appreciating the mystery of a used item's past and the excitement of haggling for a deal or discovering a rare item. Sellers value the environmental and emotional rewards associated with giving used possessions new life; as a result, they frequently de-emphasize the financial gains from transactions, giving away items or offering very low prices to personable or needy customers.

Many hosts also enjoy the chance to temporarily own and operate a small business; in the garage sale setting, they are empowered to make business decisions regarding pricing and selling. The inclusive nature of sales often serves as a social equalizer, for they create a rare setting in which participants of all socioeconomic backgrounds can interact. Due to the personal and social setting of garage sales, a certain etiquette exists that is absent from most other commercial settings. Buyers who violate this ethos risk having their offers rejected by offended hosts; sellers risk hosting an unsuccessful sale.

Common buyer faux pas include arriving overly early to sales, paying with large bills, scoffing at sales items or otherwise disrespecting sellers' property, and haggling over-aggressively. Garage sale hosts are considered bad-mannered when they sell to early birds, over-price items or do not clearly mark prices, and fail to take down signs and items from their yards following the event. In spite of the recreational aspects of sales, garage sales are at base commercial transactions, each year generating between 1.

Profits often go unreported for tax collection, although many city governments benefit by requiring hosts to pay sale permit fees. Although in the past sellers held events more to clean house than to profit, in recent years sales have become increasingly profit-driven, a trend primarily due to the emergence of online markets for used goods. The success of the online auction site Ebay has encouraged a rash of online garage sales to spring up, allowing individual buyers and sellers to interact in a virtual environment.

Some of these websites charge commission for items sold on site, while others profit entirely through advertisements. Another common profit-making tactic is for garage salers to resell their purchases online. Although online sales have increased garage sale profit potential, traditional sales in the early s are often viewed with bemusement: One sale even has become a national tourist attraction: As diverse as their featured wares, garage sales reinvent suburban families as hagglers and entrepreneurs, old junk as prized possessions, and lazy Saturday mornings as exciting recreational opportunities.

Auctions , Collecting ; Hobbies and Crafts. The Fine Art of Unloading 'Stuff. Gender and Garage Sales.

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