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Taking on a new Boarding House

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She had arranged for us to visit Thorpe Park on the weekend after our first week of school.

Re: A new boarder

Not only did I get to know the others better, but it was a fun experience for all of us! Eventually I started to familiarise myself with the school schedule and went on weekly visits to Tunbridge Wells for shopping, where the minibus would take us on Saturdays. We could also choose to go and watch movies at the cinema, and very recently the Lower Sixth boarders went to the local bowling area on 13th November, which also happened to be my birthday!

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We would occasionally plan on doing new activities and fun things to just have a moment without stress or be alone in our rooms, constantly studying or feeling anxious over academic deadlines. Compared to living alone with no siblings at home, I found it better to be sharing a home with other boarders who I can turn to when in need of help with schoolwork or just friends to talk to when feeling bored. Join Ms Lodrick, Headmistress, for an informal chat about life at Kent College with a small group of parents.

Boarding Structure

Tours of the Senior School are available and refreshments are provided. Discover the secret of Kent College in a morning of code-breaking and time travel adventure for the whole family. Includes tours of the school, activities and refreshments. We offer an entirely bespoke and broad timetable of A Level options. Developing positive and productive relationships with families is important to us and we endeavour each day to fulfil the mission of boarding while pursuing the goal of excellence in boarding care for girls.

Preparing for Boarding

Experience has shown that students thrive in environments where opportunity and challenge abound. Success for students is achieved when each individual is able to demonstrate her uniqueness and her talents while aspiring to achieve her best in academic, sporting, cultural and personal pursuits. Within this context, our girls are supported in their personal growth. We focus on the social, emotional and spiritual dimensions of life and encourage them to participate in the broad range of experiences offered.

This is what’s really happening to kids at the border

It is the charter of the boarding school to anticipate the changing needs and interests of students and to promote their engagement in the community. Participating in the life of the College is integral to their personal growth and development. All members of the boarding team share the journey with the girls and in doing so come to know them well. The staff, who play such an important part in nurturing and supporting the girls through the highs and lows of life, feel a certain sense of pride and accomplishment as each student moves towards the end of Year We want your daughter to know that she has special gifts and talents and that she leaves Pymble with relationships with other students and staff that will endure the test of time.

Most of all we want our girls to know who they are and to value their own uniqueness. Three separate boarding houses have been created to foster the care, growth, support and development of girls at their different stages of physical, emotional, social and spiritual growth as they move from dependence to independence:. Boarding is available from Year 7.

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  4. Our Boarding team are dedicated and passionate about caring for our girls and young women. Beyond the leadership opportunities offered to all students at Pymble, Boarding students are offered an additional range of exclusive leadership opportunities. Formal positions and leadership roles include, but are not limited to the following:. Support in the learning process is essential to the daily routine of boarders and there are a range of opportunities available to students who wish to engage in one or more of the special programs on offer.