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When her business partner drags her out of hiding to attend the wedding of one of their successful client matches, she meets a dancer with a dark past and a penchant for secrecy who excites her in a way she ha When Samantha Monteiro launched Perfect Match, Inc. Samantha wonders if Lucinda Moss is the key to solving not one but two matches that have eluded Samantha since everything around her fell apart or if she is destined to find love for everyone but herself. Can the notorious Miss Match help her forget her troubled past? Paperback , pages. To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up.

To ask other readers questions about Miss Match , please sign up. Lists with This Book. Apr 30, Diane Wallace rated it it was amazing. For a debut book it was incredibly awesome!

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Added to this book was a lot more scenes between both of the main characters that was utterly charming and very indeed cute for this storyline along with the dialogues and great supporting cast which in particular helped this story even though neither woman was looking for love yet there is an unmistakable attraction and flirtation.. Added to this book was a lot more scenes between both of the main characters that was utterly charming and very indeed cute for this storyline along with the dialogues and great supporting cast which in particular helped this story even though neither woman was looking for love yet there is an unmistakable attraction and flirtation Apr 26, Lex Kent rated it really liked it Shelves: I feel like I'm one of the last people, in the lesfic universe, to read this book: I have wanted to for a while, but honestly just forgot about it.

With book 2, Unlikely Match , coming out shortly, this gave me the kick I needed to finally read this. I'm happy to say I really liked this. This is a sweet romance and I enjoyed every second of it. The two mains in the story are Samantha, a professional matchmaker, and Luce a PR executive. I thought this might turn into a story of Luce going to Sam t I feel like I'm one of the last people, in the lesfic universe, to read this book: I thought this might turn into a story of Luce going to Sam to try to find love, but she falls for the matchmaker instead of the matches. It was not that. These two ladies meet at a wedding, and their relationship builds from there.

What I really liked about the story was, that it was just a sweet romance. This book had very little angst. I like some good angst as much as the next girl, but they were such a sweet couple, I'm glad this book was not full of it. The chemistry and intimacy, was really well done. All the little touches and caresses, just made the romance believable. This books was not insta-love, which I was happy about. It was about two people, and watching their relationship grow. The sex scenes were nice and steamy too.

My only small complaint, a few times I was not sure who said what or who did what. It would switch back and forth from Luce and Sam, very quickly. This is the first book Riley has published.

See a Problem?

Besides that issue, which only happened a few times, the rest of the writing was great, and seemed like the book was done by a more seasoned author. If you are one of the few, like I was, who has not read this yet For me, this book had a perfect ending, so I was wondering how book 2 would work. I started thinking maybe Riley would go in a new direction with a new main character. I picked out Claire, since Luce thinks so highly of her. I just checked, and am happy to say it looks like it will be Claire's story.

I'm looking forward to book 2, and would read anything else Riley writes. View all 9 comments. Apr 26, Tiff rated it it was amazing Shelves: This is what I would call a good old-fashioned romance. No, there are no bonnets or horse drawn carriages.

Forgive and Forget

This is a romance and it is so very good! Samantha Monteiro is a match maker. She runs a company that finds personalized love matches to the wealthy of Boston This is what I would call a good old-fashioned romance. She runs a company that finds personalized love matches to the wealthy of Boston. Most of her clients are business tycoons who have put their person life on hold while they have navigated their careers. Samantha and her business partner, Andrew, find them their true love. She thought she was to marry her college sweetheart, but his infidelity left her nothing but a scandal to cover-up.

Lucinda Moss is an advertising executive by day and a dance teacher by night. This woman has a heart of gold. She smiles easily, says all the right things, but rarely does she let anyone know the real Lucinda. Raised a s a foster child, Lucinda has learned to fake happiness all the while keeping her heart safely hidden behind protective walls. Samantha and Lucinda meet at a wedding. These two hit it off immediately. They find a way to keep meeting and become a constant in each other's lives. They date, they navigate a relationship, and they fall head over heels in love.

While a generic as that sounds this book is anything but. This is a great book, with great characters, with a great romance. Oh my she is good, I cannot wait to see what she writes next because Miss Match is a stellar debut! Feb 21, Pin rated it really liked it Shelves: Miss Match is a nice romance with two likable main characters, a solid storyline, good dialogue and a sweet love story. Not much angst or drama, but a lot of hot and well-written erotic scenes -- much more than average for a romance novel.

I wish it were the other way around, but if you like that kind of stuff, you will not want to miss this one. View all 4 comments.

Miss Match (2003): Where Are They Now?

Apr 14, Sprinkles rated it it was amazing Shelves: Just recently, I've been whining to myself in particular , yearning for another pure romance with all the fixings: This quenched my thirst while simultaneously getting me hyped for Riley's next book! Ah, I'm trying to do this story justice. Idk about y'all, but I'm completely into the frills, designer, g Just recently, I've been whining to myself in particular , yearning for another pure romance with all the fixings: Idk about y'all, but I'm completely into the frills, designer, girly, heels-wearing, wine-sipping lifestyle for lesbians in fiction.

Call me forever influenced by the L Word, but something's oh so sexy about two well-to-do ladies dolling themselves up in skimpy dresses for dates in lavish restaurants. However, Samantha and Lucinda's characters wouldn't go over anyone's heads. They're down-to-earth and quite relatable. And I was spoiled by them going out so much! How many stories have we read where the main couple just have sex and never get to build the world around them, yet we're supposed to believe they're sooooo in love?

I love proof and Fiona Riley provided oodles of it. And by so much, I mean the perfect amount. No dry spells, pun intended. Their relationship is hot and cute and a little angsty. Oh, and I must dedicate a huge heart to the couple's names: Sure, they had nicknames expressed in dialogue, but what I love is the text itself didn't truncate their names to 'Sam' and 'Luce', which I see a bit too much in lesbian romance novels. Let those triple-syllable names breathe! Can you tell I love this book? I love this book. View all 5 comments. This book was just what I was looking for. Low angst, lots of good feels, and well-written.

I am looking forward to reading the next two books in the series. I'm sorry it took me so long to find Fiona Riley. She's going directly from my authors-I-have-not-read shelf to my favorite-authors shelf. Apr 25, Pippa rated it it was amazing Shelves: Rebuilding the business after a tricky breakup with her ex, Samantha works at every aspect of matchmaking, including nurturing the dancing skills of her clients.

Lucinda Moss runs a PR firm with her best friend Brian. An ex-dancer with a difficult past, Lucinda still manages to find the time to teach people how to dance. Working with Samantha, perhaps Lucinda 4. Working with Samantha, perhaps Lucinda can overcome her difficult past, and perhaps Samantha can find her own perfect match? This was an unexpected gem.

I really liked both of the main characters. They felt solid enough as characters to not be perfect, without being too damaged to function within the story. I highly recommend this book to anyone looking for a sweet and sexy read! Manchmal war sein Verhalten aber auch so naiv, dass ich wirklich in Schmunzeln gekommen bin. So langsam wie sich zu Beginn alles entwicklt, so schnell ging dann am Ende alles. May 08, Danielle rated it really liked it. Omg I loved this book!! You can tell from the interview they both are attracted to each other and have a chemistry that won't be denied.

I liked Andrea a lot for a heroine. She was smart, funny and seriously outspoken. When she was in the interview and he asked her to read him she was right on point. Andrea was sent to mess up his life in a very good way that's for sure. After she turns down the job she Omg I loved this book!! After she turns down the job she works at a bar and Blake seeks her out because he just can't stop thinking about her. They share an explosive kiss and she agrees to let the match making begin.

He was smart, successful and cocky but Andrea describes him the best. He is also sexy and in need a wife. God his views kept me laughing none stop. He might be smart but he doesn't know women and he kept sticking his foot in his mouth. For a man that never apologizes he sure does it a lot with Andrea. What first caught my attention to Blake is when she shows up for work the next day and he starts changing all the rules to keep her closer to him.

This book is full of laughs! Andrea throws shoes and he breaks her heel. She draws a line down there office in tape and steals his expensive pen. They go back and forth and yet still manage to have this sexual attraction to one another. I love when Andrea starts to sabotage his dates. I really had a good laugh at these two characters.

My favorite part is when the puppy arrives it was adorable. I liked the plot, it was unique and the writing just flowed so easily. It wasn't overly wordy and I didn't have to skim through it at all. I really hope this turns into a series and that Andreas sister lacy gets her turn in finding the love of her life. If you are looking for a funny cute read this is a great book for you! Miss Match by Laurelin McGee saved my sanity.

I was in a bit of a book funk, after reading a series last week that was on the heavy side. This book was the perfect antidote. Sexy, sassy, and way too much fun. Their relationship definitely followed a different path than I was expecting. Although the surface of this book was all sizzle and sass, there were hidden depths to the characters which I loved getting a peek at.

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  4. This was funny and with a female heroine that will have you entranced with her ballsy, no-nonsense attitude, however Blake is a totally different kettle of fish. He was an arrogant arse to begin with, seeing a wife as a necessity, a business transaction rather than being in it for love. This is about a man realising that his ideal woman is not actually the woman he wants or thinks he needs and maybe love finds itself in the most unexpected of packages.

    Jul 03, BabyBeth rated it it was ok. This was just terrible. Actually I'm not sure it is worthy of my time. I'll think about it.

    Miss Match

    And, no matter how much of a jerkface Blake Donovan is, she needs to look past his antics and jerky attitude, she needs a job. The less personality, the better. Needless to say, Andrea will have a whole lot of work on her hands finding a wife for Blake. What I loved about this book: The main character The humour and banter between the two characters The one unexpected twist in the story What I felt needed improvement: The predictability I was granted an ARC of this book via Netgalley, but I had never heard of the author before, so this fun and lighthearted read came as a really pleasant surprise to me.

    I very much liked Andrea as a heroine given that she had more backbone than your usual heroine, and she definitely was a strong character. She knew how to deal with Blake from the beginning and figured him out pretty fast. And she has absolutely no issues with pointing out his misogynistic and prejudiced flaws to him at any given occasion. Attractive, preferably Asian, woman to date sleazy bachelor and ignore his lack of humanity in exchange for an account at Nordstrom.

    And he's not looking for a soulmate or to fall in love: Someone who only speaks when spoken to, with a low-maintenance personality, and no ambitions at all. Ambition in a woman had always struck him as one of the least attractive things on earth. She was obstinate and ballsy - two major turn-offs. And turns out that the arrogant, conceited and self-absorbed millionaire is and actually was all along a sweet guy with many endearing personality traits he's actually afraid of showing, thinking that they would make him look ridiculous.

    Yet as the story goes on, Andrea is really finding it difficult to match Blake up with someone, and even her most hopeful candidates end up as a disaster. And that's when a really unexpected twist come completely turning around the storyline, and makes Andy and Blake's relationship even more awkward than it was before. And making the story all the more enjoyable with a lot of humorous banter going on between the two. So to avoid this situation, she completely unselfishly offers to help him "take the edge off" before his dates to keep him from sleeping with the woman and make him look like better marriage-material.

    Blake finds the idea completely laughable. However, what I was missing with Miss Match , was a bit more anticipation. It becomes fairly clear pretty early on in the book at their first meeting, actually that Andrea and Blake are mutually attracted to each other despite the fact that they are both nowhere near each others' ideal. I believe that if this would have been less straightforward, and if either Andrea or Blake had fought a little more against their feelings and butterflies instead of just shyly giving in to them , it would have made the read a tad more interesting.

    But it did make up for some really fun banter. That it only seemed to grow more uncomfortable when she got feisty meant nothing, either. We know she has a sister she is very close to, but other than that and the history around her previous job and special skillset we have virtually no information on her.

    This is just a detail and it didn't bother me hugely, but maybe it would have made Andy's character more tangible and easy to connect with. But still, Miss Match was a light and very enjoyable read I would definitely recommend! Need help with a book cover design? I'm a freelance graphic designer happy to help you out in exchange for a reader's copy.

    Mar 27, lebe. Jan 20, Katie babs rated it it was amazing. I had a total blast reading this one by Laurelin, who writes incredible witty dialogue, as well as a great way to build up the sexual tension between the hero and heroine. This is a much read for contemporary romance readers, and may just be in my top picks for favorite books for Andrea is in a big bind. She was fired from her job of 8 years, and after suing her former boss for sexual harassment, which Miss Match by Laurelin McGee aka Laurelin Paige is an adorable, sexy and precious read! She was hired because she has this sixth sense about people and whether they would be good employee.

    Her boss used that special skill of hers in a way that made her feel uncomfortable. But then her sister spots an interesting job opening. Blake Donovan needs a wife because he has a 10 year plan. He thinks a matchmaker can help him find the perfect woman for him- beautiful biddable, lives to serve him etc… He has very specific requirements he wants in a wife, which Andrea is shocked at.

    Blake comes across as a condescending, pretentious prig, who appears to have a low opinion of women in general. He insults Andrea by called her Drea, and refuses to call her by her nickname of Andy because he says it sounds too boyish. Andrea is attracted to Blake for some odd reason. Andy is insulted at first, but Blake is one heck of a kisser. So she goes for it, and then it becomes even more complicated for them because Blake is falling for Andy, the one woman who is the complete opposite of what he wants in a wife. Miss Match is a loopy romance. The situation between Andrea and Blake is unrealistic and a bit outlandish, but the way Laurelin has written it, I was hooked right from the start.

    Blake is not what he seems. He may appear at first to be this rich snobbish douche canoe, but he hides his true self from the world. Who, sweeping historical dramas and mysteries and sci fi novels. He loves poking at Andy, which is very sweet. Andy is the type of heroine who is a joy to read on the page. Blake and Andy are on fire together. Miss Match is the type of book you should pick up when feeling down. Gli appuntamenti al buio organizzati dagli amici sono un completo fiasco. L'uomo ha bisogno di una sorta di agente matrimoniale, qualcuno che l'aiuti a trovare una moglie su commissione.

    Blake ha le idee chiare: Questo romanzo non ha nulla a che vedere con le Sfumature, nonostante nella sinossi sia riportata la dicitura "Per chi ha amato I Contratti e le Sfumature. Fa del sano sesso "classico". I personaggi sono il punto forte: E' una protagonista coraggiosa, con carattere da vendere e soprattutto divertente. No, niente di simile alla stanza delle torture di Mr Grey. Nella stanza di Blake ci sono tanti, tantissimi flipper che ama collezionare e che custodisce gelosamente.

    Un protagonista molto tenero, disposto a fare di tutto e inventarne di ogni per continuare a tenere con se la sua agente, procacciatrice di donne. Le scene humour si mescolano a quelle sexy in maniera molto fluida e naturale. My relationship with Miss Match by Laurelin McGee started much the same way it did with these two authors. It started as a slow crush and it blossomed into a full blown love fest. But please rest assured, I can still give an honest review and lucky for all of us, I loved this book! Miss Match is a hilarious, sexy, contemporary romance. Are you in the mood for something a little lighter tha My relationship with Miss Match by Laurelin McGee started much the same way it did with these two authors.

    Are you in the mood for something a little lighter that will make you laugh and give you all the feels? This is the book for you, my friends. At first glance, they are complete opposites. Her sister sets her up for an interview as a matchmaker for an egotistical, dry, seemingly boring, chauvinistic, jerk face businessman.

    But damn does he look good in a suit, and in jeans, and in nothing at all. How is Andy supposed to resist that? He opens his mouth and makes us both rage! But then we look a little bit closer and see there is much more than meets the eye with Blake. The handsome Blake has his perfect life all mapped out. So he does the logical thing and hires a matchmaker to find him a wife.

    Once these two meet and get to know each other it is game on, you guys. Their banter, attraction, and connection leave them both spinning. I love that Blake is the one that seems to fall first. Once they finally come together, sparks fly. There were some seriously hot scenes in this book, and I could feel their chemistry right through the pages. The characters and story are original and unique. The writing is smart and witty while the story is sweet and engaging.

    Jun 22, Siobhan Davis rated it it was amazing. This is an exceptionally well-written book that sucked me right in and held my attention the whole way through. Andy is a thoroughly captivating MC - intelligent but goofy, snarky yet sensitive. I warmed to her instantly. Blake, on the other hand, was a total douche at the start.

    First off, I thought he was going to be a rehash of Christian Grey, but thankfully he wasn't. As the story progressed, and as Andy started to break through his tough exterior, we got to understand the man behind the persona. It really was a mutual journey of self-discovery and as they got to know each other they learned so much about themselves. This book's biggest asset is the witty dialog and the hysterically funny scenes between Blake and Andy. It wasn't just laugh-out-loud funny, it was roar-out-loud funny. At least it was for me!

    Coronado Ferry Landing | Miss Match

    I actually had to get up out of bed at 3 am because I was convulsing so badly with the effort involved in trying NOT to laugh. My husband was stirring in the bed beside me and I knew he'd kill me if I woke him up because I was basically crying with laughter at a book. That's how funny this book is. Cue lots of drama, shoe throwing, tantrums, foot stomping etc. There are plenty of steamy scenes in this book and enough romance to keep readers engaged.

    I also loved Andy's skill set - as an experienced HR practitioner with a background in recruitment I could relate to the role she performed and the skills she brought to the table. Made it that little bit more interesting for me. The plot doesn't hold any major surprises, or twists and turns; it's fairly predictable. The beauty is in the sublime execution of the story.

    Overall this is a fantastic read. Strong character development, steady pacing, funny dialog and excellent writing. If you love a good Rom-Com then this is the book for you. This review will appear on my blog on 28th June: Reminds me of the Hallmark movie, "How to fall in Love". I won't lie, in the beginning, I wasn't a big fan of Andrea. And that was because, despite her unique skill set, she still managed to jump to the wrong conclusions about Blake.

    That didn't really give credence to her skills. Now, despite her horrible habit of jumping to conclusions when it came to Blake, she was still a great character. She was loyal, smart, principled, dedicated, a hard worker, terribly patient with Blake, and feisty. Let's not forget her feistiness. She definitely gave Blake a run for his money.

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