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  1. Nemadactylus bergi, Castaneta : fisheries
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Surplus snails reared under the same conditions were transported to the Laboratory of Food Technology, FURG, after cooling, to analyze the chemical composition of the organisms ingested by pearl cichlids. Two treatments were applied in triplicate in the proximal analysis. In the first treatment, the snails were liquefied with the remaining waste in samples collected from the cultivation environment T1. In the second treatment, the snails were washed T2 with 0 zero salinity water. The results were expressed on a dry matter DM basis.

The analysis of lipid content was based on the cold fat extraction method using a mixture of three solvents: Ash analyses were performed via incineration in a muffle furnace, in which all organic matter was burned.

Nemadactylus bergi, Castaneta : fisheries

Protein analyses were performed using the Kjeldahl method, which determines the nitrogen content of organic origin, subjecting a 0. The procedure was based on the digestion of the sample with a sulfuric acid catalyst mixture containing copper sulfate and potassium sulfate. The carbohydrate content was determined based on the difference.

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Data were tested through regression. The quadratic regression was calculated, and the temperature at which maximum predation occurred was estimated by deriving the regression equation. Proximal composition data were analyzed with the same statistic test. In tanks used for the storage of fish after reaching salinity equal to zero, they were maintained throughout the experimental period. The dissolved oxygen content was 5.

The salinity in the tanks holding the snails remained equal to zero throughout the experiment. The small vertical bars represent the standard deviations, and the values at the top of the black bars are the average PI values. The following equation describes the distribution of the PI Predation Index adjusted for a quadratic model, and, R 2 values: However, by deriving the regression equation, it was estimated that the highest efficiency of predation by the pearl cichlid on the snail P. Proximal composition dry matter of the P.

Different letters beside the averages in the same column indicate significant differences according to the Tukey test.

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Instead, a high content of ash was observed mean The fat content was significantly higher in the T1 snails. Thus, it can be inferred that the snails on the rice crop will be preyed upon by pearl cichlids when their shells measure mm, i. While the fish primarily feed to meet their energy needs Pereira-Da-Silva et al. Lipids are good energy source for fish, containing 2. Using the presented equation, a curve was obtained showing probable meeting points between the temperatures and the calculated PIs.

The generated R 2 0.

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  • However, it was evident that the snail P. The low external temperature maintained during the course of this experiment had no effect because the tests were performed in an air-conditioned environment and because the water temperature did not change during the 18 h of observation.

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    Based on tests conducted at the LAC, the activity of G. The development of rice growing, early-stage irrigation until early forming the panicle is affected more by water temperature that the air because of the yolks responsible for the development of leaves, tillers and panicles remain under water. In this case, it is recommended the application of small water depths, more frequently, to reduce the temperature of the soil and stagnant water. About the Product Iberian pork is an important content of monounsaturated fatty acids, especially oleic acid.

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    Should Always choose food with a low-fat, although, in the diet is so important to the quality of fats as the amount. The content of oleic acid in olive oil or avocado is known by most people. Iberian pork is a complete food for inclusion in the overall diet, as it provides protein, zinc and iron of high bioavailability, and vitamins of group B.


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